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Canyon Park - da Marzo a Ottobre

Per chi ama l'avventura non può perdersi UN'AVVENTURA AL CANYON PARK
Ponti nepalesi, teleferiche, passaggi acrobatici, tutto questo si trova all'interno delCanyon, partendo dal bosco, con attraversamenti aerei delle acque cristalline e profonde del torrente Lima. Il percorso si sviluppa tra le pareti con teleferiche superiori a 100 metri!
tel: +39 327 6153483
Località Scesta, Bagni di Lucca 50022 (LU)

From the 11th June until the 30th September

The Orrido di Botri is a spectacular limestone gorge at the foot of the mountains Rondinaio e Tre Potenze with steep walls carved deep by the cold waters of the streams Mariana and Ribellino, which join to form the Rio Pelago then.
In summer, when the flow of water is less and the temperature a bit 'more lenient, it can be traced and the final stretch, from Ponte a Gaio to the Pool.
Inside the vegetation it is distributed according to a vertical stratification, with the most humid and cold levels at the base with predominantly moss and ferns, replaced as they climb upwards by more temperate levels, where plants are encountered columbine and silene amid extensive beech forests.
The steep faces of the gorge come in some places up to 200 m. in height, and have always been an ideal nesting site for the Golden Eagle.
In the bed of the stream can not get the dogs.
Inside the canyon it is' must wear a protective helmet and wear hiking shoes (NO SHOES, NO SUPERGA, NO SHOES REEF) are recommended: shorts and a sweatshirt, also bring a complete change to leave by car .
In Ponte a Gaio there is a trattoria (Eagle's Nest) where you can eat coccoli (fried dough) sliced ​​cheese and wine at reasonable prices or take a picnic at the tables amongst the trees.
It is not mandatory driving
For escursion with guide: Ufficio Guide - Scuola di alpinismo

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