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Lucca Centro Storico
La terza domenica del mese e il sabato precedente

Antiques Market

The third Sunday of the month and the previous Saturday, from 8.00 to 19.00, Via del Battistero, Piazza Antelminelli, Piazza San Martino, Piazza San Giusto, Piazza San Giovanni and Piazza Bernardini are filled with exhibitors. Considered one of the most beautiful antiques markets in Tuscany, it fascinates both enthusiasts and tourists with 220 exhibitors, it is possible to find ceramics, cups, plates, furniture, furnishings, books, jewellery, textiles, decorations ancient and unique treasures that it is impossible not to fascinate us, in search of that special piece which is love at first sight!

dal 08-12-2023 al 29-09-2024

ANTONIO CANOVA e il Neoclassicismo a Lucca
retrospettiva su Antonio Canova

La grande retrospettiva su Antonio Canova a Lucca. LUCCA – Ex Cavallerizza di Lucca Piazzale Verdi. Dal 08/12/2023 al 29/09/2023

The spectacle of nature


Don't you feel something new in the air too? It is the scent of spring that is coming!

The temperatures are becoming more and more pleasant, in the fields the first tender buds appear, daisies, violets, peaches, cherries, mimosas and magnolias are in bloom, we can't wait for the most beautiful season of the year to arrive with all its wonders , the good weather invites us to dive into nature, fantastic walks await us with the sun in our face and the warm spring wind in our ears!

Ideal season to discover Bagni di Lucca and visit Lucca, Pisa, Florence, the Garfagnana.


The thousand colors of autumn ... As if by magic, nature is colored with a thousand shades of yellow, red, green, brown and the ideal place to admire this spectacle is the woods and the countryside.

grape harvestSeptember: Chestnut time, mu harvest time time.

October: The olive harvest from which we make a very good genuine pure extra virgin olive oil.

Winter season in Tenuta la Fratta


ovember: the cold begins to make itself felt but with the beautiful sunny days it feels good in the countryside, time for walking, time for pruning, time for reflection Plants that do not like frost must be sheltered.

December: the ideal place is in the warmth next to the people you care about most. We are always open, ready to welcome you waiting for spring ...!

it's HOLIDAY time – relax and adventure


Bagni di Lucca in the summer is enriched with numerous activities, the villages come alive and the pleasant ancient flavor of traditions is relived.

Every evening local food, music and dances in the villages on the occasion of the village festivals, rejoice the soul of children and adults

During the day you can relax in the garden of Tenuta la Fratta, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine and cool off in the swimming pool with a splendid view.

For those who love adventure you cannot miss an excursion to the spectacular Orrido di Botri, rafting in the Lima stream and the experience of the new Canyon Park!

from March to October

For those who love adventure, you cannot miss AN ADVENTURE IN THE CANYON PARK
Nepalese bridges, cableways, acrobatic passages, all this is located inside the Canon, starting from the forest, with aerial crossings of the crystal clear and deep waters of the Lima river . The route develops between the walls with cableways over 100 meters!

tel: +39 327 6153483
Località Scesta, Bagni di Lucca 50022 (LU)

From the 11th June until the 30th September

The Orrido di Botri is a spectacular limestone gorge at the foot of the mountains Rondinaio e Tre Potenze with steep walls carved deep by the cold waters of the streams Mariana and Ribellino, which join to form the Rio Pelago then.
In summer, when the flow of water is less and the temperature a bit 'more lenient, it can be traced and the final stretch, from Ponte a Gaio to the Pool.
Inside the vegetation it is distributed according to a vertical stratification, with the most humid and cold levels at the base with predominantly moss and ferns, replaced as they climb upwards by more temperate levels, where plants are encountered columbine and silene amid extensive beech forests.
The steep faces of the gorge come in some places up to 200 m. in height, and have always been an ideal nesting site for the Golden Eagle.
In the bed of the stream can not get the dogs.
Inside the canyon it is' must wear a protective helmet and wear hiking shoes (NO SHOES, NO SUPERGA, NO SHOES REEF) are recommended: shorts and a sweatshirt, also bring a complete change to leave by car .
In Ponte a Gaio there is a trattoria (Eagle's Nest) where you can eat coccoli (fried dough) sliced ​​cheese and wine at reasonable prices or take a picnic at the tables amongst the trees.
It is not mandatory driving
For escursion with guide: Ufficio Guide - Scuola di alpinismo



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