La Fratta is located on the top of a hill in the village of Fornoli where one century ago there was a big house with her farm.On the ground floor of the farm there were cows, pigs, rabbits.On the first floor there was a hay-loft.In the open gallery the leaves were dessicate for the bed of the cows.Milk, butter and sausages were producted every days by the country woman.Ther was a poultry -pen with more than 100 cickens, thousan vines.

Her husband worked in the vineyard which produced a good wine that enjoed the evenings of a time.My father, when he was a child, usually goes in their house to play the accordion, with my grandfather who was teaching to dance.The young daughter Emilia every days goes to closes villages by bike to bring eggs, milk, butter.My father Renzo Danesi bought the old farm in 1970 

Here planted new vines and with the precious help of the countrymen Silvano, they produce great wine. The pld hut was been restructured as a vinery, conserving his old structure.Recently a new vinery building is been done for the wine pruduction and the olgd farm is been restructured as a farmhouse for touristics pleasents holidays. Today I'm at the beginning to live traditions and farms activities that one upon a time la Fratta was.

Valentina Lucia Danesi spring 2007

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